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The Dave Banks Big Band CD "Live And Direct" is NOW available!

"Bandstand" - the new live CD from The Dave Banks Big Band
The gang is back with a new CD of raw, exciting performances right from the bandstand! Some of the titles include: Norwegian Wood, My Romance, Things Ain't What They Used To Be, Tonight, People, and more! Get your copy today! Did I mention FREE SHIPPING?

Click below to buy our CD!
Only $12.00


Morningstar Music
Want some sure-fire arrangements for your band? Big Band, dance combo, rock and roll, our arranging staff can get it to you with speed and quality! Music from arrangers Don Turoso, Garney Hicks, and Dave Banks. Contact us at dbanks1@neo.rr.com to order your special arrangement!
$60.00 and up

Musical Note 1

The DB Horn by Calicchio- On Sale Now!


Dave has been working on the design for a new trumpet with Calicchio Musical Instruments!  You can be the first in your area to have the DB Custom Trumpet.  This trumpet really screams! It combines the sizzling sound that Calicchio's are famous for with the open feel of a large bore horn.  The scale is incredibly smooth up and down the horn.  The DB horn is a large bore(.468) with a 1Z bell(bronze!). The lead pipe is a customized #10 pipe that can only be described as an open, free blowing pipe that projects LIKE CRAZY! You can choose between finishes, Silver, lacquer or raw. Gold plating is extra.  If you are interested in owning a dynamic horn that will set you apart from the pack, but not destroy your pocket book, email me and we'll get your order started.


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